Crochet Baby Blanket (DIY) Pattern

Cute Crochet white blanket for babies

Currently, gifting babies or keeping those little ones warm when needed are just some of the reasons why baby blankets have become such a popular choice.

Furthermore, making a crochet blanket will result in a fun, interesting and enjoyable activity to craft lovers. After all, with a few basic tools and soft yarns, anyone can create a special and unique crochet blanket for a beloved baby. Therefore, in the following text, we will explore some tips and steps that will help you make your own crochet blanket for babies.

Why choose a crochet blanket for babies?

First of all, it’s no news that crocheted baby blankets are handcrafted using soft and high-quality yarns, which will ensure that the baby stays comfortable and warm.

Moreover, crochet can be considered a breathable fabric, which will help to prevent overheating and irritation to such a sensitive skin as the baby’s.

Another great advantage of choosing a crocheted baby blanket is its durability. After all, industrialized blankets may unravel or pill after a few washes. Likewise, a well-cared crocheted blanket is destined to last for years.

Furthermore, by opting for a handmade crocheted blanket, you will be contributing to reduce waste and to preserve the environment.


Here is the necessary materials for crocheting a baby blanket. Initially, to make a crocheted baby blanket, you will need some basic materials:

  • Crochet yarn – just choose a softer and cozier yarn, especially for a sensitive skin like babies. There are many options in the market, such as cotton yarn, bamboo wool and others (usually about 300-500g);
  • Crochet hook – choosing the hook size is directly related to the type of yarn you choose, especially the size of the stitch you want;
  • Stitch markers – stitch markers help keep track of the stitches in each row;
  • Tape measure – use a tape measure to measure the size of the blanket and make sure all parts are the same size.

However, remember to choose soft and cozy colors to create a very comfortable and pleasant blanket for the little one.

Step-by-step instructions for crocheting a baby blanket

First, you will need to choose a pattern that fits your crochet skills. You can find different ideas in crochet books, websites, craft magazines, and videos online.

A simple single crochet pattern is a great option for beginners. Once you have gathered the necessary materials, you will need to decide on the size of the blanket that you would like to make.

Standard blankets are usually around 75 x 100 cm, but you can choose your own size depending on your needs. Now, start crocheting according to the given pattern, or if you are opting for a simple single crochet blanket, follow these instructions:

Start with a chain of an even number of stitches; on the second chain from the hook, make a single crochet. Skip one chain stitch, make a single crochet in the next chain stitch, repeating until the end of the row. Then, turn your work.

Next, make a chain of one stitch and make a single crochet in the first chain space. Skip one stitch and make a single crochet in the next chain space, repeating until the end of the row. Turn your work again.

Repeat row 3 until the blanket reaches desired size.

In this way, continue working on the blanket until it reaches desired size. Make sure to leave enough space for a finishing border.

Moreover, add a finishing border of your choice, opting for a simpler single crochet border or a more complex one.

After the finishing border, cut the yarn and finish off the blanket, making sure all yarn ends are hidden and the blanket is clean and ready to be used.

Tips to customize your baby’s crochet blanket

The first option is to add decorations, such as pompoms or tassels, which will bring an extra touch to the project. In addition, for a more unique customization, it will be interesting to create a specific theme to the blanket.

If the family is a fan of any character, it will be possible to use colors and patterns that will refer to the character.

However, there are several possibilities, and with a little more creativity it will be possible to create a special, unique and cozy crochet blanket for the baby.

Blanket Crochet Patterns for Inspiration

Blue crochet Blanket with a blue bear for babies

Blue crochet Blanket with a blue bear for babies

White and pink blanket crochet for babies over the seat

White and pink blanket crochet for babies over the seat

colorful crochet blanket with little shoes

colorful crochet blanket with little shoes

Cute Crochet white blanket for babies

Cute Crochet white blanket for babies


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Crochet Baby Blanket  (DIY) Pattern

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