Crochet Patterns

I’m an expert in crochet and I’m excited to share with you some beautiful patterns and projects that you can create with the help of my tutorials. I’m passionate about teaching people how to crochet and helping them create beautiful items with their own hands.

Crochet is a craft that has been around for centuries, and it’s enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced crocheter looking for something new, my tutorials can help you. I have a wide range of crochet patterns tutorials including beginner-friendly projects, intricate lace shawls, colorful accessories and home décor projects.

My tutorials are easy to follow and are accompanied by step-by-step photos, diagrams and written instructions. I strive to create tutorials that are both helpful and inspiring. With my tutorials, you can learn the basics of crochet, as well as advanced techniques such as Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace and more.

I’m confident that you can create something beautiful with the help of my tutorials. I hope you enjoy exploring my page and learning how to crochet!

Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

Crochet squares can be used in many ways in a house. We separate a crochet pattern for you to make with super beautiful and pleasant colors.

Persian Tiles extension Blanket – Free crochet Pattern

This persian extension blanket is a beautiful addition to any home. Its vibrant colors and exquisite design will make it a fantastic gift for any occasion. The recipient will be delighted with your thoughtful gift.

Make a Crocheted Granny Square Pillow Cover

Here at Crochet and Love, we have an undeniable enthusiasm for crochet granny squares. They evoke nostalgia, are timeless, and are full of fun and exciting color combinations.

This crochet blanket pattern is perfect for making a cozy, sweet addition to any room

Welcome to our crochet tutorial! Today, you’ll learn how to make a sweet blanket pattern that’s easy and enjoyable to work with. Keep yourself cozy and stylish while making one of these blankets for every family member. Have fun and good luck!

DIY – Crocheting a beautiful Headband Stitch

Welcome, crochet lovers! Today, you’ll learn how to make a stylish and comfortable headband stitch. It’s easy to make and you’ll have a blast crafting it.

Free Pattern: Stunning Crochet Bag With Flame Stitches

It’s great to be here with all of you, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my love of crochet by providing free crochet patterns with complete walkthroughs.

Free crochet dress patterns

Nowadays, crochet is a craft technique considered by many as a relaxing and therapeutic activity, as well as being a way of creative expression that provides the creation of unique pieces.

Free patterns of mini crochet bags

Currently, mini crochet bags have become an absolute fashion trend and a fun and creative way to add a unique accessory to your looks.

Crochet Baby Blanket (DIY) Pattern

Currently, gifting babies or keeping those little ones warm when needed are just some of the reasons why baby blankets have become such a popular choice.

Crochet ombré blanket Pattern

It is not news that crochet blankets are handmade pieces that provide comfort and a great coziness, since it complements the decoration of any environment.