Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

Escape to a world of tranquility and creativity with our flower meadow granny square crochet pattern, your ideal weekend companion!

Crochet your way to relaxation with our charming flower meadow granny square pattern, perfect for a weekend project

Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

Crochet squares can be used in many ways in a house. We separate a crochet pattern for you to make with super beautiful and pleasant colors.

The familiar grandmother’s square has today become a flower meadow!

I’ll say right away that it is somewhat difficult to crochet this pattern, so it is not suitable for beginners. If you have already tried to crochet jacquard, it will come in handy. Attention, concentration and patience are also necessary.

They are not really difficult to make considering that you are not a crochet beginner.

What can be done with crochet squares?

  1. Blankets
  2. Pillows
  3. Scarves
  4. Bags
  5. Wall hangings

After making the crochet squares you can put them together and make different arts and objects for different purposes.

The tutorial

Well, as we said, those crochet squares arent too hard. They are a good option for crocheting on the weekend!

In this tutorial I will show how to change colors and hide stitches so they are not visible on the front side. And when you get the hang of the technique, you will be able to create your own pattern of flowers.

For knitting you need a crochet and suitable yarn of different colors. It is desirable to use yarn of one type/brand or to pick different threads but of one thickness.

Also take a look at how the facelift looks.

Patterns for knitting multi-colored granny squares.

Square Graphic 1

Square Graphic 1

Square Graphic 1 - Result

Square Graphic 1 – Result

Every row of flowers was one color.

An example of a diagram with mixed flowers

Square Graphic 2

Square Graphic 2


Square Graphic 2 - Result

Square Graphic 2 – Result

Step by step Video

Im going to share with you the video where you can lean the “step by step” tutorial for crocheting those squares. Like i said in the beggining, its not that hard to do it.

The video is not in english, but its not a problem. If you think it is, you can activate the youtube subtitles to help you to understand!

Hope you have enjoied this tutorial on how to crochet your own crochet squares.


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Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

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Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

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Flower Meadow Granny Square – Your crochet for the weekend!

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