Crochet ombré blanket Pattern

Crochet Ombre colored Blanket

It is not news that crochet blankets are handmade pieces that provide comfort and a great coziness, since it complements the decoration of any environment.

Among the various styles of crochet blankets, ombré has been gaining a great highlight in recent times. After all, the presence of the subtle mix of colors, which merge in a gradient transition, like true works of art.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore how to make an ombré crochet blanket, including tips for picking threads, crochet techniques and how to create a smooth color transition. So, get ready to create a unique and dazzling crochet blanket that will be a highlight in any space!

Crochet Ombré Blanket

At first, the blanket with an ombré effect is a handmade piece that uses the popular crochet technique, in which the colors are worked gradually, creating a smooth transition of tones.

Therefore, the term “ombré” refers to a coloring technique in which the colors blend harmoniously from one shade to another, resulting in a gradient effect.

In the case of the ombre crochet blanket, the colors are combined in a specific sequence that will provide the visual effect of elegance.

How to select colors for ombre blanket

In short, deciding the theme or style of ombre blanket you want to create is essential, it can be a gradient of soft colors like blue to navy blue, or more daring colors.

Then, choose a color that will be the base for the blanket, the lightest color of the gradient. Ideally, it should be a more neutral color like white or gray or even brighter like yellow.

Thus, to create the ombre effect, just select some intermediate colors between the base color and the darkest color. Do not forget the most important fact, the colors must be harmonious with each other and blend subtly to create the effect.

For more decorative purposes, consider the color palette of the environment where the blanket will be used. Remember to perform color tests, using different combinations and observing how they mix.

Crochet techniques to create the ombre effect

Currently there are several crochet techniques that can be used to create the ombre effect in a blanket, check out some of them below:

Mixed threads: You can create the ombre effect using mixed threads, which are threads that already have several colors in their composition. Thus, it will not be necessary to worry about manually changing colors, as the color transitions will already be present in the thread.

Gradual color change: A simple way to create the ombre effect is to change the color of the thread gradually while making the crochet stitches. For example, you can start with the lightest color in the first row and then the intermediate color and finally the darkest color in the third row.

Crochet in layers: This technique consists of making overlapping layers in each color, starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest color.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make an ombré crochet blanket

Materials needed:

  • Crochet yarn in different colors, following the determined color palette;
  • Scissors;
  • Appropriate crochet needle for the chosen yarn type;
  • Measuring tape.

First, decide the size of the blanket you want to create and choose the style of crochet stitch that will be used. Before starting the blanket, make a test with the chosen colors to visualize the ombré effect properly.

So, with the base color defined, start the crochet by making a chain of the size you want for the width of the blanket. Then, follow the chosen crochet pattern, making the rows according to the instructions of the determined stitch.

As you progress, change the intermediate colors and the darkest color of the gradient, following the chosen color palette.

Once you reach the desired size for the blanket, finish the edges with a crochet stitch of your choice, like single crochet, crab stitch or secret stitch, for a nicer finish to the blanket. After hiding the loose ends inside the blanket it will be ready!

Tips and tricks for perfect ombré crochet blanket

Crochet Ombre colored Blanket

Crochet Ombre colored Blanket

First of all, to create a smooth transition between colors, a useful technique called “crossing threads” is employed. To execute it, work with the current color until the last two loops on the hook and then, with the new color, insert the hook into the last stitch of the previous color, make the loop and complete the stitch.

Also, it is important to maintain the same stitch tension throughout all colors to ensure that the blanket looks uniform.

In conclusion, remember that regular practice and patience are essential to perfecting your crochet skills and creating a perfect ombré blanket. Good luck!


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Crochet ombré blanket Pattern

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