Crochet blouses: 6 beautiful FREE patterns

White Crochet Blouse 2 for summer

The crochet blouse is a piece that cannot be missing from the wardrobe because they are versatile pieces, (they go with everything), comfortable and who doesn’t want such a special piece, especially handmade, isn’t it really friends? In the current context of the world scenario, it ends up becoming something more familiar, which brings closer, proof of affection and warmth. Do you agree?


The most is that there are several possible models to crochet and, combined with the number of stitches and patterns that this technique brings, plus the types, thicknesses and colors of threads that we have on the market, makes the possibilities for making them enormous. and they are a super trend for summer 2022, as celebrities have also used and abused modern crochet outfits.

If you want to be in fashion or even think about making your own for sale, check out the tutorials and graphics I prepared for you below.


1 – Crochet blouse with squares, joined the squares is ready to wear, any color in this model will be beautiful or you can also make a colorful crochet blouse that will look beautiful!

White Crochet Blouse 1 for summer

White Crochet Blouse 1 for summer

White Crochet Blouse 2 for summer

White Crochet Blouse 2 for summer


2 – A simple but charming crochet blouse, in this shade of baby pink it was very romantic and the crochet stitch design gave this piece a different look.

Free women blouse pattern - 1 Free women blouse pattern - 2 Free women blouse pattern - 3 Free women blouse pattern - 4 Free women blouse pattern - 5 Free women blouse pattern - 6 Free women blouse pattern - 7

3 – Superposition crochet blouse for you to wear with a top underneath or you can increase it and make a dress with a lining, nice isn’t it? The last pattern is of the sleeves of the blouse.

4 – You can make this one with crochet squares, it looks beautiful with shades of green but you can follow the trend of colorful crochet and innovate with beautiful compositions. The idea of ​​the stripes with the flowers was very different and unusual, an excellent idea to copy.


crochet with squares - Photo 1

crochet with squares - Photo 2

crochet with squares - Photo 3 crochet with squares - Photo 4 crochet with squares - Photo 5 crochet with squares - Photo 6 crochet with squares - Photo 7 crochet with squares - Photo 8 crochet with squares - Photo 9

5 – Modern this crochet blouse with blogger-style skirt follows the chevron stitch graphic used in this production.

Model 5 - Pink Blouse Crochet (Photo 1) Model 5 - Pink Blouse Crochet (Photo 2) Model 5 - Pink Blouse Crochet (Pattern)

6 – Regatta style crochet blouse with a beautiful design and a holed detail that gave the piece a lot of style.


brown crochet blouse 2

brown crochet blouse 3

What do you think of our crochet blouse patterns? All super high and super trendy for different occasions.


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Crochet blouses: 6 beautiful FREE patterns

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Crochet blouses: 6 beautiful FREE patterns

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Crochet blouses: 6 beautiful FREE patterns

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