Crochet rug for simple and economical kitchen – DIY

Crochet yarn for rug

Working a crochet kitchen rug is not a difficult task to accomplish, and it doesn’t cost much either. To give a touch of beauty and color to the kitchen, the crochet rug can always be the right solution.

In addition, this type of rug, both in color and texture, has a unique look to decorate your kitchen.

The crochet rug is also a good option for those looking for a practical, economical and incredibly versatile model. In addition, it allows many options of formats and sizes for any kitchen. By the way, it is quite simple to suggest that a fun and stylish crochet rug can bring life to any room in the house, such as the kitchen.

In this article we are going to focus on the simple and economical square crochet rug for the kitchen. Here, you will learn step by step how to work this type of rug in the comfort of your home. You’ll also discover precious tips on how to save on the material to be used, how to choose the color tones and so on.

What are the best Crochet Rug models for the kitchen

The best square crochet rugs for simple, airy kitchens are those made from durable materials. Some of the materials that people often use include wool, chenille, cotton swab, gravel, chenille, or cotton thread. Your choice should comply with your decorating style.

A wool rug is resistant to wear and stains, and also keeps its shape. A chenille rug has more than one level of texture and is meant to provide soft comfort.

A cotton swab rug has a rustic texture that is aesthetically pleasing, and the gravel rug has a crinkle piece that adds an antique feel to the decor. Chenille and cotton yarn are also durable and have attractive finishes.

How to crochet a rug for the kitchen? detailed step by step

Material needed:

  • Crochet needle
  • Cotton yarn
  • Scissors
Crochet yarn for rug

Crochet rug

Step by step:

  1. Measure the area of ​​your kitchen where the rug will be placed using a tape measure. Calculate the number of rows and double crochets needed to complete the rug.
  2. Cut the thread according to the length and width calculated for the crochet rug.
  3. Get to work learning the chain stitch. You will need to join two chains together to start the first row.
  4. Make a whole row of chain stitch before starting to work with the height of the rug.
  5. Continue weaving the first row of the rug at the desired height with the chosen basic stitches.
  6. Repeat the previously woven row with other rows, alternating the height of the stitches to create the aesthetic detail of the rug.
  7. With each row worked, skip two chains together to start weaving each row.
  8. Again, repeat row sequence as calculated number of times to work desired rug length.
  9. When completing the required length and width for the crochet mat, stop working at the desired height as per the work schedule.
  10. Finally, remove the last stitches and cut the rug jacket with a needle and scissors.

Final considerations

Crochet rugs for the kitchen will make your work area even more typical. They offer more decoration and at the same time protection for your cabinets, countertops and even wool floors.

These rugs have a wide variety of designs and patterns that can be used to match just about any kitchen theme.

Some of the materials used for crochet, such as cotton and wool fiber, offer traction, helping to avoid accidents and reduce foot fatigue when walking in the kitchen area.

Finally, these mats also absorb dirt particles, stains and liquids that fall during cleaning.

In short, crochet rugs for the kitchen add a warm touch to any kitchen. Not only do they add extra flair to your kitchen space, but they also protect your cabinet, countertop, and floor from liquids and accidents.

Finally, they also help keep the work area clean and safe. If you are looking for a different decoration idea for your kitchen, crochet rugs are a great option.


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Crochet rug for simple and economical kitchen – DIY

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Crochet rug for simple and economical kitchen – DIY

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Crochet rug for simple and economical kitchen – DIY

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