Home Coaster made of crochet – DIY

Home Coaster made of crochet – DIY

Greeting! On this page we are going to share you a practical and vibrant coaster made of crochet. It is a must-have item in every household. It is an essential pattern in any accessory.

It is a quick and straightforward project that can be crocheted in no time. Take inspiration and begin crocheting an amazing pattern. You will learn, according to the graphics and patterns how to do it by yourself (DIY).

It is suggested by the author of the project that you choose Knit Picks Dishie Solids yarn due to its amazing color palette that can be used to create your own version of the design.

I personally enjoy cool and practical patterns that can be used on a regular basis. A Colorful Coaster is a great project to crochet right away, and can be found as a free pattern in the link below. The size of the coaster can be easily changed to fit your needs and desires.

These little coasters are a practical, minimalist, and perfect every-day essential. Make a few (dozen) of them for yourself, your family, and your friends! They make great stocking stuffers, housewarming gifts, or simply add a special touch to your home.

You can use them as flower vases or as a place mat for small items. If you are on your resting room or in the kitchen. Those items will always needed!

I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern! It should take you between 20-30 minutes to make a set of four, depending on your speed level.

What’s more, you only need a small amount of worsted weight yarn – a great way to use up your scraps! Please make sure to read the Notes on Sale and Distribution below.

Materials for the Home Coaster

Its quite easy to crochet your own home Coaster. Here’s what you are going go to need to archieve this:

  • US H/5mm hook, or hook needed to obtain gauge.
  • Worsted Weight (category 4) cotton yarn. Approximately 25 yards. I used Knit Picks Dishie yarn.
  • Scissors.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

This pattern is offered as a FREE download courtesy of Lady Jay Crochet (just giving the credicts).

Download the free home coaster pattern

I didnt put all the tutorial here (that would be better for the site on google but not for you – the visitor). Its because at the PDF file you can read the graphic better than here.


We hope you enjoy this content and good luck on your crochet time!


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Home Coaster made of crochet – DIY

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Home Coaster made of crochet – DIY

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Home Coaster made of crochet – DIY

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