A bear handcrafted with devotion raised more than $1,000 for Shriners Children’s Ohio when it was donated

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Kali suggested creating a unique teddy bear for the auction, an idea that resonated with Heidi. The bear was made to look like the hospital’s mascot, a brown bear with a Shriners hat.

Heidi and Kali created a teddy bear for the auction that was based on the hospital’s mascot, a brown bear with a Shriners hat. Their donation was one of the most popular items at the charity fundraiser held by the Champaign County Shrine Club, of which Ty Burroughs is a noble.

“She’s been crocheting since she was 6 years old and I had this thought she could make something unique,” Heidi recalled. The idea came to her while watching a commercial for Shriners Children’s.

“I saw the Fezzy blanket and knew a bear was a perfect fit,” she said.

Kali dedicated an entire day to making the bear with crochet. Despite not anticipating the bear to be a valuable item, Heidi and Kali were shocked to discover the bear sold for a high price at the auction.

“The auctioneer had the bear and the bids just kept coming,” Heidi said.

The final bid came in at $1,060.

“We were in shock and so excited,” she recalled.

Heidi says supporting the Shrine and the hospital has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

Heidi attests that taking part in backing the Shrine and the hospital has been one of the most satisfying activities of her life.

“I used to be a firefighter so I’ve seen what happens when people get hurt in a fire,” she explained. “I’ve also seen the level of care Shriners provides so helping support that in a small way gives me peace of mind.”

Crocheted with love

Crocheted with love

About Shriners Children’s Ohio

Our Dayton-based facility is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to children and their families. We strive to make life simpler, better, and more fulfilling for those we serve, regardless of their location in Ohio, the Midwest, the Southeast, or beyond. Our team of experts offers specialized treatment for burns, cleft lip and palate, wound care, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Comprehensive care includes

  • A hospital within a hospital in Dayton, Ohio with access to all needed services for pediatric care.
  • Offering life-changing care to children and families, regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status
  • Providing expert pediatric burn and plastic surgery care in Ohio since 1964 and care for patients from 28 states and 35 countries.
  • Wrap-around care to ensure your child thrives at the hospital, home, school or in their community.
  • Transportation and housing assistance, so distance is never an issue.
  • Care coordinator assigned to each family to offer counseling, support and financial and housing assistance.
  • Child life program supports the patients’ emotional, developmental and social needs.
  • Access to nearly 1,200 physicians as part of one of the largest pediatric specialty healthcare systems in the world.
  • Board-certified pediatric burn and plastic surgeons
  • Intensive inpatient and outpatient physical and occupational therapies
  • 7 bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • 6 Day Surgery Rooms
  • 4 Clinic Exam Rooms
  • State-of-the-Art Surgical Suite
  • Numerous Press Ganey awards for patient satisfaction.

Pediatric specialties

Burn injuries large or small – plus burn reconstruction and rehabilitation

Plastics and reconstructive surgeries

Cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial issues

Congenital malformations including ear deformities, hand deformities, nevus, port wine stains and other birthmarks, breast reductions

Scar revision from post-trauma injuries including dog bites, lawnmower accidents and skid-related injuries

Other skin or wound conditions.

What our families say

“We would not be where we are now had it not been for Shriners. They literally brought my son back to life. And then got him to where he is now.”

“You can’t get better care anywhere else than Shriners. They’ve just been with us every step of the way and do everything they can to make their patients’ lives better.”

“We didn’t expect to have such amazing nurses and doctors, but when we found Shriners and how they treated us as a family, it just was life changing. It is truly life changing. Not only for her but also for all of us. It has made all the difference in her recovery and in our life.”

How to reach Them

Shriners Children’s Ohio is located at One Children’s Plaza – 2 West, Dayton, Ohio, 45404, operating within Dayton Children’s Hospital

For general information, to make an appointment or referral, call 855-206-2096 or visit shrinersohio.org.

To learn more about how to support our mission, visit ohiolovetotherescue.org or call 513-872-6029


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A bear handcrafted with devotion raised more than $1,000 for Shriners Children’s Ohio

A bear handcrafted with devotion raised more than $1,000 for Shriners Children’s Ohio

Heidi and Kali made a teddy bear for the auction based on the hospitals mascot, a brown bear wearing a Shriners hat

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