Crochet Cell Phone Pouch DIY

Dive into the world of handmade accessories and personalize your phone with our crochet pouch DIY!

Craft your own stylish and functional crochet cell phone pouch with our simple DIY guide

Crochet Cell Phone Pouch DIY

Despite being very technologically advanced, cell phones still need protection due to their fragility. Therefore, a case is essential so that you can keep your device in good condition for much longer. How about a crocheted cell phone case?

There are numerous patterns and materials that can be used to make the cover, such as cotton threads, acrylic, and even knit thread, which helps cushion the impact of a fall.

Therefore, we will teach you how to make a simple, delicate, and stylish crocheted phone cover that you can give to someone special or sell to make extra money.

Learning to crochet a cell phone case

Even if you don’t know how to crochet, these video steps are very simple and can help you make your cover.

That’s because in them you learn how to position the hands and the thread to make the first crochet stitches.

Make a Crocheted Granny Square Pillow Cover

Simple and colorful crocheted mobile pouch

The first video is of a basic model that can be done quickly and you can produce the cover in the colors you want.

I usually search videos over the internet to ilustrate our articles and serve as tutorial, no matter which language it is. The video below is in portuguese, but if its a proble to you, you can activate the automatic youtube subtitles.

On this video you can lean how to do your own cell phone pouch using crochet. It’s not easy but also not so difficult that you need a lot of knowledge in crochet. It will tech you to crochet a colored cell phone pouch.

Cell phone pouch with flowers

Do you like flowers? So this tutorial is for you. The result is sensational for flower lovers. This second model is easy and has a beautiful detail: a flower appliqué. You can make it with your favorite colors!

Watch the video:

DIY – for your inspiration

For those of you who want to start thinking about your next cell phone cover, we’ve separated some inspirations made from crochet and other materials.

This type of crochet cell phone cover is ideal for those who don’t want to draw attention and still have something nice to protect their device.

It looks like a pouch, so you can even add a handle.

Crochet Cell Phone pouch - 1

Crochet Cell Phone pouch – 1

Crochet Cell Phone pouch - 2

Crochet Cell Phone pouch – 2

Crochet Cell Phone pouch - 3

Crochet Cell Phone pouch – 3

Cell phone crochetted pouch

Cell phone crochetted pouch

Granny Square technique

The Granny Square technique is usually used in square or rectangular pieces, but it can also be present in other items such as crochet capes. The alternation of chains and blocks of stitches gives an incredible effect, even more so if the colors used are different.

Crochet Cell Phone pouch - 7

Crochet Cell Phone pouch – 7

They very style, aren’t they? Let me tell you 3 reaons why you should use it on your phone:

  1. it is a unique and stylish way to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear;
  2. It provides a soft cushion for your phone, reducing the chances of scratches and dents;
  3. Crocheted pouches can be customized with different colors, patterns and designs;

In all the issues I thought of, there is only one problem with using a crochet case or purse on your cell phone.

If you use it a lot, it might get dirty quickly. But nothing a weekly wash can’t fix. Good luck with your project!


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Crochet Cell Phone Pouch DIY

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Crochet Cell Phone Pouch DIY

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Crochet Cell Phone Pouch DIY

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